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Dream up every feature for your window renovation

Enerview is committed to helping you get the windows you’ve always wanted. We offer a multitude of options and features for your window installation project so you can rest assured you’re getting the best windows possible.

Glass Packages
We offer several unique glass packages, from our standard self-cleaning Neat® Glass, to several variations of Low-E glass, to our SSP security glass. Choose one or mix and match for a custom window renovation.

Customizable Options
When it comes to the details of your window replacement, we leave the choice in your hands. We offer a variety of options to customize your window frames, grills, trim and shutters, including unique colours and shapes. Whatever style you’re looking to achieve, we offer the options you want.

Super Spacers
Our super spacer separates and seals the panes of glass. It insulates your windows and helps maintain a consistent temperature. Enerview’s spacer is made of 100% polymer foam. Foam spacers are better at reducing noise, condensation and heat-transfer. In testing they’ve outperformed the industry standard, lasting a simulated 90 years!

Fly Maze
We believe small details can make all the difference. Our fly maze is a minor change that improves comfort and function. We insert a sponge-like material into the frame to prevent insects entering your home through the drainage openings in your window frame. This is a unique feature offered by few other window companies.

Colonial Coupler and Glass Stop
Our decorative colonial coupler joins multiple windows together in style. With elegant curves, it’s a more attractive alternative to the basic couplers offered by competitors. Our standard proprietary glass stop further enhances the look of your windows.

IMAGE of colonial coupler and glass stop

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