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Customize your window installation with Enerview’s glass options

Comfort, protection and energy efficiency are all pillars of the Enerview brand. Whether you choose our double pane or triple pane windows, you can count on a quality installation that offers comfort, UV protection and energy savings. Which one is right for you? That depends on how much protection you prefer.

Double Glaze Windows

Double pane windows are the minimum standard for every window installation with Enerview. They offer a good balance of protection from solar rays in the summer and heat absorption in the winter. Our 180 glass package performs close to a triple glazed window and gives the highest Energy Star rating.

Triple Glaze Windows

Triple pane windows offer additional protection from the sun and UV rays. Enerview is leading the industry by offering triple pane windows at an affordable rate. Most of our competitors don’t offer triple glaze windows, and the ones that do often charge an exorbitant price for the extra pane.

Specialty Patterns

Enerview’s self-cleaning glass windows are also available in a range of specialty patterns. To give your residential windows an added touch of personality, request one of our specialty patterns that include pinhead, sycamore, glue chip or silvit pattern, or try one of our colour tints.

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