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Enerview offers 3 types of thermal window coatings.

Getting the right balance of comfort and performance can be a challenge. Enerview offers three different levels of Low-E glass so you can find the perfect balance for your home. Low-E glass coatings are designed to block solar rays from entering your home.

In the summer this can help create more energy efficient windows, when unwanted heat from the sun causes the temperature in your home to spike. However, in the winter, heat from the sun can be an advantage, so choosing the level of protection you want from thermal windows should be a carefully considered decision.

Low-E Thermal Window Options:

Low-E 180. This is a single Low-E thermal window coating, and comes standard with all our window packages. Specially designed for our Canadian climate.

Low-E 272. Features a double Low-E coating for added UV protection. These insulated windows offer a good balance of rejecting external heat from the sun while maintaining comfort inside your home year round.

Low-E 366. This option is the ultimate in solar-heat protection, with 3 layers of Low-E coating for the highest level of UV protection. It blocks 95% of damaging UV-rays, virtually eliminating the effects of the sun on your home.

Which thermal window option is right for your home?

There’s no right or wrong answer, as each Low-E thermal window coating offers advantages and disadvantages depending on the climate you live in and the direction your windows are facing. Often a custom window installation that uses a combination of our coatings for different windows in your house is your best option for optimal protection from the sun and energy efficiency.

To better understand which options are recommended for your home, speak with a professional in your area.

Call a local Enerview dealer

for an estimate on any of our insulated windows. We can help you determine which of our Low-E coatings would make for the most energy efficient windows in your home.

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