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SSP security windows are the safest windows on the market

Enerview’s SSP vinyl windows have a durable laminate layer on the interior of the window that makes them 10 times stronger than regular glass. Testing has shown SSP security glass windows are extremely difficult to break. Even when they are broken, they won’t shatter like normal glass. SSP windows also help block out noise and UV rays much better than standard windows.

What are the advantages of SSP vinyl windows?

Improved Security. Enerview’s SSP security glass windows are your best protection against intruders. Burglars are 12 times less likely to break and enter through windows with SSP security glass. Even when broken, SSP security glass windows remain intact, preventing entry. If you’re looking for safe windows that protect against burglaries and home invasions, SSP security windows are for you.

Noise Reduction. SSP glass offers the best protection against noise pollution available on the market. SSP laminate windows have been tested in areas with heavy highway traffic and have been proven to reduce noise by as much as 25%.

UV Protection. SSP security glass is designed to be compatible with our Low-E coatings, so you can maximize protection from harmful solar rays and improve energy efficiency. The SSP laminate window panel is placed in the interior of the window, while Low-E coatings are applied to the exterior.

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